"Anchisaurus is a plant-eater. Although it walks on all fours, it spends most of its time on its hind-legs browsing in the trees. A claw on its thumb is its only protection."

Anchisaurus is a genus of basal sauropodomorph, and was an early herbivorous dinosaur. It lived during the Early Jurassic Period 200 to 188 million years ago. Until recently it was classed as a member of Prosauropoda.



Anchisaurus lived during the Early Jurassic Period 208-176 million years ago. It was on the food chain for Dilophosaurus.


Anchisaurus was a rather small dinosaur, with a length of just over 5-6 metres (15-20 ft) and probably around a ton. It was often hunted by Dilophosaurus.

Anchisaurus also had a claw on its thumb which it used as its only protection, but also for digging or pulling down branches.